Trekking on Kato Koufonissi (Tips to get you there)

Trekking on Kato Koufonissi is easy and pleasant.
Since the island is uninhabited there is no human intervention on the paths.
It is just you and nature.

Old Settlement – Pezoulia PEZOULIA BEACH

Starting at the old settlement after a 50-minute walk you reach Pezoulia beach.
During the trek you will come upon Laki beach and Detis beach.
You will also see the ruins of Alonistria with its subterranean grain stores and terrific view of the Aegean, Keros and Nero beach.

Old Settlement – Fykio

On the same footpath as before you will encounter the Fykio beach footpath branching off near Nero beach. Just 15 minutes away!


Starting at the old settlement in a northerly direction you will reach Kastelli beach in about half an hour.

Old settlement – Limni

Halfway to Kastelli beach you will come upon the path to Limni beach branching off the main footpath.