You can’t leave the island without a visit to…

Museum of Folk ArtPhoto Folklore Museum - Koufonisia

At the former reservoir, next to St George’s church in the village main street is situated the island’s small folk art and craft exhibition.
It is comprised by farming tools, tools for the boats, domestic utensils, old picture frames and many other smaller or larger objects from times gone by, all making up a composite picture of the past.
This museum first opened on 30 June 2011, the result of a initiative by the newly-elected mayor, Antonis Kovaios, and the contribution of many of the islanders and friends of the island, who worked hard and donated objects, in a long and honorable effort to preserve memory.


WINDMILL Cafe - Koufonisia - Show Photo GalleryWhen access to Koufonissi was restricted due to lack of boat services, the inhabitants’ main occupation was the production of food to meet the family needs. Consequently the island had plenty of wheat fields and the crop was ground in two windmills.
Windmill Villa - Koufonisia - Show Photo GalleryWith time the mills became disused and nowadays they stand preserved to remind us of times gone by.
The first mill rises above the harbor, on the parallel road and seems to welcome visitors. Nowadays it is used as a café-bar.
The second mill, built in around 1830 and designated a later monument of the pre-industrial period, stands proud above the island shipyard at Loutro. Nowadays, restored, it is a 4 star holiday apartment.

Karnayo (Shipyard)

Karnagio - Koufonisia - Show Photo GalleryAn island such as Koufonissi, boasting the largest fishing fleet in Greece in proportion to its population would surely have made provision for a place to repair and maintain boats. This is Karnayo at Loutro. It is the second shipyard on the island and was established in the early 1980s when the first closed due to its owner retiring. It is the only shipyard in the Small Cyclades. The nearest is on Paros.
A visit to the shipyard will latke you back in time since the maintenance work is done by means of the same simple tools and the same techniques as many decades ago.


The Pisina (Pool)

Pisina - Koufonisia - Show Photo GalleryEven if you have opted for the excursion boat as a means of getting about, you must, at least once, take the coastal road. On the cliff path between Platia Pounda (Italida) and Pori you will come upon the Pool. It is a natural rock pool, which will enchant you. Especially if it is not crowded you will be able to spread your towels on the rocks and dive for hours, since the child in you will have come into its own … If you can’t make it to Pori on that day, try again the next.…

Την Σπηλιά ‘The ‘To Mati tou Diavolou’ cave (Devil’s Eye)’

Mati tou Diavolou - Koufonisia - Show Photo GalleryOn the coastal path past the Pool you will encounter the Devil’s Eye cave. Watch out for it when Pori beach comes into sight. It is a cave that looks like a Cyclops since it has only one eye, that of the Devil, which is a hole inside the cave that communicates with the sea. Just a bit of a current and the water comes up to the rim of the hole and is sucked back down again. The foaming water, the music of this ceaseless back and forth of the sea combined with the cave from which all you see is the Aegean and nothing else, all provide a stunning audiovisual effect.


The Tripiti or Gala Cave beach (Milky)

GALA - KOUFONISIA - Show Photo GallerySince you have finally made it to Pori, it is worth your while to walk a little bit further to get to the Milky Cave beach (Gala). At the end of Pori beach starts a path leading to an enormous hole in the ground which contains a beach accessible on foot. When the weather is calm, it is possible to swim to the open sea. If you are still wondering about the name it will become clear when you see the colour of the water, which is whitish from the dust of the surrounding rocks that falls into it. This is a unique opportunity to feel like Cleopatra bathing in milk. The name was invented by a visitor and stuck. Its original name known to the locals is Tripiti (holed), for obvious reasons.


The caves in the bay of Xylobati

Xilompatis - Koufonisia - Show Photo GalleryNorth of Pori beach is the bay of Xylobati. To the right are two caves which you can explore in a boat or by swimming there. One is elongated with two entrances while the other has a small beach inside. The water colors are really enchanting.