Tip: Ask for the Footpath Map at the Villa Ostria Reception


If you take into consideration the fact that the highest point on Koufonissi is 113 meters, you will realize that trekking on the island is sheer delight since all you face is beautiful scenery devoid of steep climbs and challenging routes to try your endurance.
Koufonisia on the PathVillage – Pori Beach, coastal route (3.5 km): Starting at the village you follow the road between the houses of “Stroubos” and continue on the south coast of the island. Turning east we pass Hondros Cavos and Harokopou beach where the road ends and you follow the cliff-top footpath.
Past Fanos and Platia Pounda beach you reach the eastern side and continue north.
You pass the Pisina (Pool), the Devil’s Eye Cave and reach Pori.
Koufonisia to PoriVillage – Pori Beach, inland (2.5 km):
Starting at the village you follow the road towards the hills in the east. You will go up and down two hills affording a breathtaking view of Koufonissi and the surrounding islands and end up at Pori.
Kalliari Path - KoufonisiaKalliari footpath:Following the road north of Harokopou beach you will come upon Kalliari footpath on your left.
It will lead you to the village – Pori road after about 650 meters.
Mantra Path - KoufonisiaΜονοπάτι ‘Mantra footpath to Pori Beach: Following the road north of Harokopou beach you will come upon Mantra footpath on your right.
About 1000 meters walk to Pori passing the western boundary of the Italida land.
At points the vegetation is thick.
Choristaria Path - KoufonisiaHoristaria footpath to Pori Beach: On the inland road from the village to Pori, just before the second hill, on the right starts the footpath Horistaria.
About 1000 meters to Pori.


Pori Beach – Gala:  From the Pori Beach you follow the path outlined on the cape which leads to Gala after about 550 meters.

Flower - KoufonisiaLimenari footpath: Starting at the village on the road north past the helicopter landing pad and gas station you end up at Kladaria.
A pleasant route though at the end is the waste disposal area.
Alternatively you may opt for the footpath Limenari whichever starts near the gas station.
It is easily discernible, since it leads to the beach of the same name north of the island, visible from the gas station hill.
It is about 1500 meters to the gas station and another 550 to the beach.


Profitis Ilias View - KoufonisiaVillage – Profitis Ilias (1350 meters): Starting at the village on the road north, on 400 m about you turn left at the helicopter pad onto the concrete road.
After a while on the right a second concrete road leads to the site of the church.
Breathtaking view of the island and the surrounding islands.


Flora on a Path - KoufonisiaProfitis Ilias – Village (via Kladaria): : From Profitis Ilias you continue north on the footpath, about 650 m, to reach Kladaria. From there to the right after 2km you reach the village.
Alternatively from the church you turn back and turning right, the concrete road becomes a dirt road and 1200 m further on you get to Parianos bay.
Continuing on the left after about 700 metes you get to the village.

Agrillia Path - KoufonisiaAgrilia footpath: Near the gas station on the road between the gas station and the helicopter pad starts the footpath Agrilia, about 700 m long, which meets the road village to Pori near the stables.