Prophet Elijah’s (Prophitis Ilias) Church

Where the church stands today there used to be the ruins of an early Byzantine church.

1940-1945: The first attempt to restore the church is interrupted due to lack of funds.

1972: During maintenance work on the church, two columns and a slab of marble are discovered and used to build the altar.

1973: Using the existing stone a wall is erected in which the prophet’s icon and an oil lamp are placed. On the afternoon of the prophet’s day the inhabitants walk to the church, to hear Vespers.

Nowadays on the site of the church ruins the altar, the icon and the oil lamp are still being looked after by the devout.
According to the legend, whoever has tried either to build a church in the prophet’s honor or restore the existing one has passed away before they could achieve it. So the altar has been left as it was. Perhaps the prophet prefers his altar the way it has always been. Although the ruin is on a private plot, anyone can go in.

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