Our Restaurant

«Oi Atairiastoi»

No praise is too extravagant ….

On climbing the road leading up from the harbor (a mere 50 meters), turn left and a couple of steps away and your mouth will water, we are waiting to welcome you to our restaurant,

Oi Atairiastoi.

From there you can enjoy an incredible view of the sea and Keros.
The vivid  colors and contrasts of the place and the cozy corners on the veranda lift your spirits straight away.
The owner himself has seen to the decoration with amazing results.

Koufonissi is a love affair and as we all know Cupid is a gourmet.
After the delights of the cool sea and hot sun come the pleasures of the table.

Here you will enjoy authentic traditional dishes made to secret recipes under the direction of Anna, the owner’s mother.

At the beginning and end of your meal you will always find a surprise treat. Relax reading the menu to the accompaniment of Greek folk music in your ears and drinking a raki and finish your meal with honey-raki. Don’t miss the frequent nights of live music. Traditional delicacies and local produce will tickle your palate, while fish and lobster brought straight from the fisherman’s nets will wink at you slyly.
The meat is supplied by local shepherds and farmers from ours and the surrounding islands.
Marriage Photo
Enjoy fave from Schinoussa, meat from Keros and Donoussa, potatoes from Naxos, honey from Iraklia and cheeses, preserves, seafood and fish from Koufonissi.
And since none of the above can go down alone, enjoy our drinks, raki, honey-raki, mastiha, wine and beer (all made by small breweries wineries and distilleries in Greece.

We also cater for parties, wedding receptions and other social functions.

For an idea of our traditional dishes!

Urchin spaghetti
Lobster spaghetti
Fish soup (traditional fisherman’s recipe)
Fish and onion stew (traditional island recipe)
Fish in tomato sauce ( Kalymnos recipe)
Octopus and pasta
Octopus and onion stew
Red mullet in garlic sauce
Wild goat’s meat oven roast ( traditional Koufonissi recipe)
Wild goat’s meat in tomato sauce and potatoes
Wild goat’s meat oven roast with potatoes
Goat’s meat spaghetti
Coq au vin
Rabbit and onion stew
Stuffed vine leaves
Traditional Mama’s pies with homemade filo
Traditional Moussaka
Fried spinach pies with homemade filo